The church in Boca Raton issues weekly announcements showing where study and prayer meetings will be as well as information about what the current burdens for prayer are, upcoming events and updates, and excerpts from the ministry. Some meetings will be updated as they are known so remember to keep checking back for the latest updates.

La iglesia en Boca Raton publica anuncios semanales mostrando donde van a ser las reuniones de oracion e informacion sobre cuales son las cargas actuales de oracion, eventos cercanos y novedades al igual que extractos del ministerio. Algunas reuniones seran añadidas mientras llegan los avisos asi que no olvide checar de nuevo para obtener la informacion mas actualizada.

A igreja em Boca Raton publica anúncios semanais mostrando onde as reuniões de estudo e oração serão, bem como informações sobre quais são os encargos atuais para a oração, os próximos eventos e atualizações, e trechos do ministério. Algumas reuniões serão atualizadas como são conhecidas então lembre-se de verificar as atualizações mais recentes.

Boca Raton地方召会每周会发布的通告会有下一周的查经聚会和祷告聚会的信息,包括弟兄姊妹的负担。通告还有近期的聚会信息和相关新闻,还有一些圣经章节的引用。

MEETINGS July 15, thru July 21, 2019:

Holy Word For Morning Revival:
  • International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones—April 2019 – THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN THE CHRISTIAN LIFE AND THE CHURCH LIFE – To purchase click here.
    • Week 6 – The Conflict of the Two Kingdoms and the Work and Responsibility of the Church


Tuesday Prayer Meetings:

  • North at 7:30pm: Baez Home
  • South at 7:30pm: Brother Joseph & Sister Pepita’s Home


  • 10:00 0am Brother Tito & Sister Maria’s Home


  • Sister’s Prayer Meeting at 10am: Sister Sally’s Home
  • There will not be a meeting this Thursday at FAU as it is break time on  campus. 


  • Semi-Annual Training – 7:30pm Tito & Maria’s Home


  •  Semi-Annual Training – 9:00 am Tito & Maria’s Home
  • Semi-Annual Training – 12:30 pm Tito & Maria’s Home

Lord’s Day (Sunday): Meeting at FAU

    • 10:00 AM: LORD’S TABLE:
    • The Lord’s day meeting will be held in the Majestic Palm room located in the Student Conference Center at FAU
    • 10:00 AM: Children’s meeting.
           Saints, did you know….your children have been enjoying the
           meetings! After the meeting on the Lord’s day, as you drive
           home, ask them to share what they heard and enjoyed
    • 10:30 Sharing from the North American College Training
    • 11:00 AM: Semi-Annual Training 
*For details please contact: (954) 803-6917 

For Information on Trainings and Conferences Click Here.