This past Lord’s Day, a request was made that the saints take time and read, sing and enjoy more of the hymns in the hymnal. In particular to enjoy the hymns whose main topic is “worship of the Father”.

In the hymnal all such songs start on page 10 and run through page 55. See the attached exhibit for more details.

Certainly you are encouraged to go to these pages, read the songs, sing the songs, pray read the songs and enjoy them with others. Then, in the future, as the Lord’s Table is being observed, more hymns from this group can be called, based on a past “experience of enjoyment” with them. Here is a very enjoyable introduction to the hymnal and its back story:

Hymnbook Introduction and Back Story





March 9th , 2019

To the churches in the Lord’s recovery:

We are happy to announce the annual conference of the church in St. George’s and are inviting you to share this time of fellowship and blending with us. The conference will be held on June 14-16, 2019, at our meeting hall at MolinereHappy Hill, St. George.

Conference Schedule

First Meeting Friday June 14 7:00 pm

Second Meeting Saturday June 15 9:00 am

Third Meeting Saturday June 15 11:00 am

Barbeque Dinner Saturday June 15 6:00 pm

Special Fellowship Saturday June 15 8;00 pm

Fourth Meeting Lord’s Day June 16 9:00 am

Fifth Meeting Lord’s Day June 16 11:00 am

The church will provide transportation as well as hospitality. We ask you to please confirm your attendance no later than May 31, 2019. This will help us coordinate the hospitality and transportation arrangements. As much as possible, we would prefer that saints arrive on or before Thursday June 13, 2019 or before 6:30 pm on Friday June 14, 2019

We are arranging a tour after the final meeting of the conference. The cost of the tour is EC$10.00 (US$5.00). Please indicate on the registration form whether you are interested in participating in the tour.

Saints responding after May 31, 2019 may be required to stay at a nearby guest house. The rate for the Guest house is approximately $75US. per day. We also ask you to notify us if you have your own hospitality arrangements. Transportation will be provided if needed.

In the attached registration form please fill all information. Saints travelling with family members who require hospitality together should also indicate.

For immigration purposes please use the following name and address:

Alister De Pradine

Happy Hill

St. George’s

You may confirm your attendance by e-mailing the attached registration form at [email protected] or [email protected] . You may also confirm your attendance by calling Bros. Alister De Pradine at 1-473-440-1114 – 1-473-418-5534 (mobile) or Anthony Francis at 1-473- 417-8608.

May the Lord grace, bless and strengthen His move on the earth through this time.

In Christ,

The coordinating brothers